Please help us pray for these good friends.


Debbie Rhea – Foot and Lungs

Friends and Family of Jim Ricketts – March 9, 1954 To January 5, 2017 –  For Jim’s Obituary – click here

Friends and Family of Charley Yates & Ellie McKenzie

Linda Nelson – Surgery on April 3


Jim Dautry

Shelia Reed

Craig Kirk Tyndall

John Leffew

Brenda Foster

Joyce Turner

Greg Headrick

Carman – I REALLY NEED YOUR PRAYERS: After 40 years I think I know a well timed attack when I see one. I’m about to go into the studio and start recording a song about my cancer healing testimony but I needed a routine check up first. I’m a bit concerned because the Doctors gave me 3-5 years of remission time and I’m past my 4th year going into my 5th. The doctor discovered, on my shoulder, a tumor the size of a golf ball. Now I need surgery to remove it for a biopsy. It’s just the timing lines up with the end of my remission cycle. Maybe this could be my last recording. I just don’t know at this point. Anytime I’ve been in this situation I’ve come to you all for prayer and things turned around. Well this is one of those times again. Ironic the title of the song is “God is still on the throne”. So my faith is being challenged. Faith to finish this record and finish my course. I’m sure the enemy of my soul wants it cut short. So I’m asking for your love and prayers. The past couple years I’ve been able to lead over 5,000 people to Christ and in my heart I feel like there’s a few more I still need to get to. Your prayers are effective and powerful and I’m asking for them today. Please share this with a friend. I believe someday the end of my journey will indeed come….but not yet. There’s still a bit more work to do. God bless you. Carman Licciardello

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