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 By Bob Payne – 8-17-16

Voodoo Slim

Voodoo Slim – photo by Furnished By Ian Malign

I don’t book many bands at Riverbend without first hearing them live. You could count them on one hand, from among hundreds over the years I have booked. It usually takes one heck of a reference from someone I trust to know good music. Such is the case with Voodoo Slim. My best friend, a real music lover, suggested Voodoo Slim for Riverbend this year, and I went with it. Suffice it to say, this person knows music, as this band is spectacular.

I finally caught them live at Bud’s Sportsbar last weekend, and I am even more impressed now. Three things make a good band, in my opinion – talent, the band has fun, and good song selection for the circumstances. Voodoo Slim excelled in all three areas. In fact, they may the best band I have heard all year. They were together, they had tons of fun on stage, they are super-talented, and they knew exactly what to play to get the crowd up dancing on every single song.

The band includes Tab Baccus on drums. He is a solid drummer, with excellent timing. Not a lot of flash, but great timing. (Timing makes the drummer, not flash, bells & whistles)  On Bass guitar, Randy Brock is another example of solid playing ability and great stage presence. Keith Coffey plays rhythm guitar, and once again, shines at his station in the band. Jon Colston plays lead guitar and he now ranks amongst my favorites in Chattanooga. Not only does he have fun playing, he plays at a level that most dream about. Ian Malign, front man for the band and lead singer is spectacular. He can sing anything and stay within his wide range. All in all, this is one heck of a talented group, and they play together so well.

This band plays songs such as Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars), She Talks To Angels (Black Crows),Hick Town (Jason Aldean) , Roadhouse Blues (The Doors), Far Behind (Candlebox), Whole Lotta Love (Led Zepplin), Push it (Salt And Peppa), Enter Sand Man (Mettallica),  Apple Bottom Jeans (T-Pain), and Cream (Prince). They play them well, especially with Ian Malign’s vocals. They have fun playing them. The crowd has fun along with them. The crowd -a really big one – danced to every song. The crowd then bought beverages to quench their thirst. Everybody wins. I believe they join the great ones, Bud Lightning and Aunt Betty, as real entertainers, worth every cent paid to them. 

All in all, I rate this band 5 stars out of 5. Any venue would be crazy not to give them a try. I must also rate my friend 5 stars for recommending them to me and for being the best friend anyone could ever have. They are showing September 10 as their next gig, which is at Pokey’s in Cleveland. They will be back at Bud’s on October 29. For more information, just click or

I’ll see you out and about. I’m back.

Bob Payne is the Entertainment Editor for the and talent buyer for Friends of the Festival. You can follow me on Facebook at or email me at 



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