Please help us pray for these good friends.

11-23-18 – Craig Tyndall – sinus infection

11-23-18 – Debby Tyndall – stomach and sinus problems 

12-5-18 – Southern Gospel Music songwriter/singer Squire Parsons had a heart attack last night 12/4.  UPDATE:  Today, Squire did undergo bypass surgery to repair some blockages in his heart. After the surgery, the doctor came in to speak with the family and friends that were waiting to report that Squire came through the surgery well, and as a result, the doctor was very optimistic for his recovery.

11-23-18 – Roseanna Tiny Whitaker – Recovering from Neck Surgery

11-23-18 – Shelia Bazar – Liver problems

11-23-18 – Kay Glover – Spinal Stenosis

11-23-18 – Glenn Tyndall

11-23-18 – Gail Hale – Leg problems


11-23-18 – Bill and Shelia Reed

10-18-18 – Liz Haley

10-12-18 – Gary Epperson (Singing Echoes) – leg surgery 

10-7-18 – Linda Nelson

10-4-18 – Jackie Amos – knee surgery

10-1-18 – Howard Yarbrough

9-30-18 – Rhett Oozts had a heart attack yesterday.  Let’s keep him in our prayers

9-1-18 – Ralph Vasques is very ill, at Red Bank Life Care, room 116.  He needs our prayers and friends to visit.

8-6-18 – Patricia Ketchersid – recovering from heart surgery

8-4-18 – Tony Clark – needs prayer for his left arm.

8-4-18 – Edalene Ellis – needs prayer for both feet

8-3-18 – Dennis Edgeman (Soldiers for Christ) needs prayer for his legs and feet.

7-30-18 – Renee Barton

6-25-18 – Courtney Daly.  Friends, needing urgent prayers today! I appreciate every single one sent this way! God knows the reason!

5-30-18 – Jessie Randolph of the Randolph Singers is in the hospital with double pneumonia.


Friends who have passed on:

4-25-18 – Radio legend Tommy Jett passed away.  Please keep the family in your prayers.  If you are able, please make a donation to help the family with expenses at

Frank McGee – he passed away 5-7-18

Jim Dautry has passed away – Jimmy “Orange Yodeler” Daughtrey – 12-22-52 to 2-8-18

Friends and Family of Jim Ricketts – March 9, 1954 To January 5, 2017 –  For Jim’s Obituary – click here

Friends and Family of Charley Yates & Ellie McKenzie

The Bobby Boyd Family – he passed away June 22, 2017


Please e-mail your prayer request to



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