Please help us pray for these good friends.

7-16-21 – Paul Smith, Phil Hawley, Tom Johnson (Confederate RR), Mama Sue, Darrell Kelly, Family and friends of James Lowry – he passed away Saturday night (6/26), Johnny Campbell (had heart surgery – Sat, June 26), Robert Sams, Craig & Debby, Ed Clowers, Jeff D., Sheila Reed, Glenn T., Connie Hopper, Cathy Hill, Wes, Poppy Casey, David Wynn, Brenda Bradshaw, Rose Whitaker, Pat Hookey, Deborah Sansing, Ed Clowers, Robert York, Bill Phillips, Rodney Pickelsimer and his dad, Bill Henderson, Renee Barton, Greg Headrick.

***About our friend Paul Smith:  Renee Garrett Smith, Paul’s wife, writes:
I have rewritten this over and over trying to figure out the right words to say. In June Paul was hospitalized three times. Last Friday I spoke with Paul’s liver specialist about some pretty significant concerns I had since Paul’s discharge from Memorial hospital just before Fathers day. There were several falls, lack of appetite, his oxygen was dropping… just overall not good. Ultimately they requested he come to Vanderbilt for evaluation thru the emergency room. He wasn’t able to make the trip Friday, but Saturday we went. He spent a few days with them running labs, and tests. On Wednesday he fell at the hospital and his oxygen dropped pretty low and couldn’t recover so they moved him to icu. After quite extensive evaluations the doctors met with us to explain that Pauls condition was worsening and nothing could be improved with his health-and, they recommended hospice. The doctors and nurses were amazing and spent so much time explaining things to Paul and listening to our questions and concerns. Paul chose to come home yesterday via ambulance and is getting settled in. He had a great day yesterday and hopefully has lots more great days ahead. He is requiring high levels of oxygen- so he tires very easily.
You all are welcome to our home to visit Paul. Please message me and we will arrange a time. Since he’s tiring so easily we have to make sure he gets rest too. We are doing everything in our power to make every day meaningful and fulfilling to Paul. He loves his family beyond any words I could use to describe it. He loves his friends and is so happy that he has been able to share his voice and his love for music and bring joy to so many people. He sang with the chaplain when he was still at the hospital and it made his heart happy. Only God knows what the future holds – but, all the care and concern has not gone unnoticed, and is so very appreciated. Please keep us all in you prayers, especially Paul❤️ (from July 4)

PLEASE – Say a special prayer for our friend Melvin Klaudt.  He lost his wonderful wife Renee on June 6, 2021

PLEASE – PRAY for the nation of Israel – especially Jerusalem!  See

Please pray for our friend Sheila Reed.  Her husband Bill died this morning – 5/4/21 – from Covid-19.  Her son Bill Jr. died 2 months ago, and her daughter Debra is in a hospital in Pensacola with either Covid-19 or heart problems.  She needs all of our prayers.


Please join us as we pray for God to:

Protect Israel and her people amidst the ongoing threat of her surrounding enemies

Give discernment to Israeli leaders as they seek political unity amidst the prospect of war

Instill peace and protection to Israel and her people during this time of uncertainty

Move in the hearts and minds of world leaders, Israel’s enemies and the Jewish people, to help them come to the saving knowledge of their Messiah, Jesus



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I’ll Pray for You
Most people when faced with a crisis reach out to God! Even those who don’t really have a close relationship with Jesus will ask their family, friends, and even strangers to pray. But how many people make that commitment and never follow through? The words, “I’ll pray for you,” have become just something to say, like any other common words of comfort when you feel sorry for someone or sad because of what trial they are facing. It’s almost like saying, “Have a nice day.” But when we tell someone that we will pray for them, we have made a commitment before God to earnestly lift that person up in prayer, asking for God’s will to be done in their lives. If we have no intention of praying, then we should not make a commitment to do so. If at all possible, it’s good to stop what we are doing right then and there and lift them up to our heavenly Father! There’s a world of hurting people all around us, so why not start praying for them today? And the next time someone asks for prayer, say sincerely, “I’ll be happy to pray for you. Let’s pray now.”
Brenda Walsh Ministries


Friends who have passed on:

James Lowry

Renee Klaudt

Casey Hindman

Gene Whitaker 

Thomas “Turkey Tom” Adkins – February 16, 1929 – October 5, 2019 

Donald Carl Kaye 

Don Welch

Ralph Vasques ‘Dr. Do Dah’

R.T. Bolden 

Arron Scealf

8-15-19 – Johnnie Sue – October 28, 1945 to August 10, 2019

1-14-19 – Mark Kleckner

4-25-18 – Radio legend Tommy Jett passed away.  Please keep the family in your prayers.  If you are able, please make a donation to help the family with expenses at

Frank McGee – he passed away 5-7-18

Jim Dautry has passed away – Jimmy “Orange Yodeler” Daughtrey – 12-22-52 to 2-8-18

Friends and Family of Jim Ricketts – March 9, 1954 To January 5, 2017 –  For Jim’s Obituary – click here

Friends and Family of Charley Yates & Ellie McKenzie

The Bobby Boyd Family – he passed away June 22, 2017

Blake Strickland of The Ascots



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