Tivoli Theatre Foundation Launches Recovery Fund

Tivoli Theatre Foundation Launches Recovery Fund – 8-6-20

After four years of unprecedented growth since its founding in 2015, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation has created a recovery fund designed to help support much-needed work to maintain the historic facilities under the Tivoli Theatre Foundation’s control.

The fund also will enable the Tivoli Theatre Foundation to come out of the coronavirus pandemic ready to bring back performing arts and concerts to its stages, officials said.

In the four years before the shutdown in March, the Tivoli Theatre, the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium and the Walker Theatre saw increase of more than 900% in the number of shows annually, including successful Broadway shows, and hundreds of concerts every year.

“This closure has had an unprecedented impact on our organization, and the performing arts specifically,” said Nick Wilkinson, executive director of the Tivoli Theatre Foundation.

“As rescheduled shows and events become canceled shows and events, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation has lost over $4 million [in potential revenue] and we stand to lose millions more the longer this pandemic continues. We have some of the best patrons in the nation that have consistently supported our venues and organization for years, and now more than ever we need their continued support in order to keep the arts alive in Chattanooga.”

Some donations can be specifically targeted. For example:

› $100 to replace a light bulb in the historic Tivoli Marquee

› $200 to keep the water running at the theater for two weeks

› $500 that will help maintain the CDC’s guidelines for safely reopening

› $1,000 to fund monthly maintenance of staging equipment

› $2,500 that will fund a Bobby Stone Film Series movie presentation upon reopening (includes four tickets, four beverages, four popcorns when movies return to the Tivoli)

› $5,000 to enable HVAC capabilities to preserve historic architectural details and paint

› $10,000 to help offset the utility costs required to properly maintain the historic Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium for one month. Gifts of more than $10,000 will be recognized with a special message of your choosing on the Tivoli marquee. The marquee message must be mutually agreed upon by the donor and the Tivoli Theatre Foundation.

› $15,000 will enable organizers to bring a Walker Theatre show back to the stage when they reopen (includes four tickets to and four beverages at a future Walker Theatre performance of your choosing.)

Patrons who wish to learn more or make a gift can visit All donations will go toward a Friends of the Tivoli membership. Learn more at


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