The WFLI 52nd Reunion – Tuesday, Feb. 19 at TommyJett.Com

The WFLI 52nd Reunion – Tuesday, Feb. 19 at TommyJett.Com and WAAK-FM 94.7

with special guest David Carroll, Ben Cagle, Chip Chapman, Nick Smith, Larry

Robinson, Max O’Brien, Dex, Ron Arnole, Gene Lovin, Denise Youngblood, Johnny

Eagle, Evan Cruise and Craig Tyndall – 7 to 10pm

Read what Barry Courter had to say about this last Thursday:

The voice was strong and clear, but the better news was the laughter in Tommy Jett’s voicemail that he left the other day. You may remember that Jett had quite a scare following a bad car accident several months ago, and I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say many of his friends thought we’d lost him.

   Anyway, he called to tell me about a WFLI radio reunion he is planning, and we had several good belly laughs, mostly about his being a legend and an icon as well as a very humble human being.

   Jett helped sign on the station back on Feb. 20, 1961, and plans to have as many former Jet-Fli veterans on his weekly show as possible on the anniversary celebration Tuesday.

   “There aren’t many of us left,” he said. “Of the original ones, only me, Johnny Eagle and Dale Anthony are left. I’ve invited David Carroll, Billy [“Dex”] Poindexter and Jim Stevens and anybody else that can make it.”

   Jett hosts his show live at WAAK-FM 94.7 in Ringgold, and it will be simulcast on and then available there all week. In addition to sharing memories, the host and his guests will play rock ’n’ roll hits from the ’60s through the early ’90s.

   Contact staff writer Barry Courter at or 423-757-6354

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